Make your home a Miracle Home!

Giving back is a priority to both me and the RE/MAX culture. Across the globe, the RE/MAX community is making a difference by volunteering, donating money, and changing lives. I partner with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and am proud to be a "Miracle Agent" and you will be proud to be a "Miracle Home"! Together, CMN and RE/MAX have helped support millions of children each year, including many children right here in Montana! Our donations stay local, to help support our local community. Ask me for details on how we are changing the world by changing kids' health!

Donations to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals goes toward a variety of important categories within the hospitals, which include:

1. Charitable Care: Donations to help support the cost of patient care. This can include medical bills, travel assistance, home expenses, medical equipment, and specialized continued care.

2. Education: Funding education to support families, patients, and communities. This includes services to continue a patients education while they are out of school for treatment, education for hospital staff, and community education on preventative care,safety, trauma, etc. 

3. Patient Services: Donations provide art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, outdoor gardens, playgrounds, play rooms, comfort tools, pastoral care, counseling, case management and more. 

4. Advancement Services: Donations allow the program to advance and continue to deliver the best possible services and patient outcomes. This includes expansion projects, capitol projects, and innovative programs and services. 

5. Equipment: Donations help purchase and maintain medically necessary equipment, such as incubators, CT scanners, helicopters, ambulances, and more. 

6. Research: Donations allow the funding necessary to continue innovative, transformational research, create medical advances, and find new cures!