Seller Guide

The decision to sell your home is a big one. Whether this will be your first time on the selling side of the real estate process or you've done it several times before, I would love to assist you with the sale of your home! As a trusted RE/MAX agent, I can help you navigate the process and help answer any questions you may have. Whether you want to fully prepare your house to drive the market up and achieve maxiumum market buzz, or sell it quickly and get onto the next move, we will develop a custom plan for preparation, presentation, promotion, placements, and pricing to achieve your goals. Beyond that, you'll always have a trustworthy and reliable expert one call or text away! Put my modern marketing experise along with my market savvy and diligence to work for you! 

1. Choose Mike Sells Missoula, with RE/MAX, a local expert you can trust!

The best thing you can do to make the selling process as quick and easy as possible is to hire a real estate professional. As an experienced and dedicated RE/MAX agent, I am here to help every step of the way. I can offer cutting edge technology, comprehensive marketing strategies, and can effectively and efficiently guide you through the real estate process. I understand the nuances of the market and can work with you to determine a competetive and fair price for your home. 

2. Prepare and stage your home for sale.

Before you list, you'll want to make sure your home is as marketable as possible. Even small cosmetic changes can have a big impact in the eyes of a buyer. Replacing outdated light fixtures, giving your home a fresh coat of paint, decluttering and deep cleaning can make all the difference in the world! Often times, a storage unit or dump trip is the first step. The goal is clean, fresh, and bright. I can help identify updates that can increase the value of your home and help it sell more quickly!

3. Price your home strategically and correctly. 

Choosing the right list price is one of the most important components of selling your home. Accurate and strategic pricing can drive the entire selling process and final price point. I will be able to provide a range of listing price options based on current market trends, the condition of your home, similar homes in your area, and an in depth knowledge of the market today. I'm committed to achieving your goals of selling your home and achieving maximum value!

4. Photos, drone, video production, and marketing preparation.

Once your home is ready, we'll have it professionally photographed, including drone photography, and have a custom video made for your home! These photos and video will be the centerpiece of your marketing, so producing a high quality product is essential to achieving maximum value for your home. With beautiful photos and video in hand, we'll be ready to start the full marketing rollout for your home!

5. MSL and syndicated listing, initial marketing rollout. 

With high quality marketing materials in hand, we will go live on MLS and syndicated sites such as Zillow,, etc. We'll also start the digital, video, and social media marketing rollout for your home. This initial rollout is our best chance to drive demand and create a buzz around your home. If we do this successfully, we can encourage buyers to make their highest and best offers right away. We'll make sure every buyer sees your listing and likes the way it looks!

6. Showings

We may receive an acceptable offer on your home quickly. However, for various reasons, this isn't always the case. If your home doesn't sell in the first days or weeks, rest assured, there's a plan from here! I will continue to market your home and follow up with buyers and their agents and we will continue to schedule showings until we find the right buyer. We can always adjust the price in order to achieve a quicker sale, but often an ounce of patience will bring the right buyer through your door. 

7. Offers and negotiations

Negotiating with buyers and understanding each party's needs, goals, options, and leverage is a critical aspect to getting the most for your home. When we receive any offer(s), we'll consider many factors such as price, terms, strength of the buyer, dates/timeframes, contingencies, and any other factors important to you! I help you remove emotion from the situation and make wise decisions that give you the best chances of accomplishing your overall goals. 

8. Contract to closing

The escrow period between contract and closing is an important time and I am here to help make sure it goes smoothly. Helping you prepare for the home inspection, negotiating any repairs or credits, walking you through title work and insurance, and ensuring the buyer is on track is just a few ways I'll help. It's so important to have a trusted agent by your side through the process, and you can count on me!

9. Close on your home

Once you've gone through the process, you are ready to officially sell your home! You'll sit down and sign paperwork at the title company and I'll bring the champagn. Now it's time to celebrate! You've just sold your home and are ready to move on to your next adventure!